About Us

Eufund Consultants Ltd. – is an agency engaged in providing complex services related to the preparation and implementation of projects to be realized first and foremost using grants and funds of the European Union as well as the utilization of the resources.

Our objectives are the “top support”

The attaining of our objectives is ensured by the competence and professional experience of our experts, amalgamating the local and foreign experience gained in the European Commission and the private sphere as well as the extensive system of professional relations in Hungary and abroad.


We have designed the scope of our services in a comprehensive manner in order to fully cover the entire life cycle of both the programs and the projects. This approach enables us to have a complex perspective of the tasks to be solved in the course of providing our services and to consider and integrate in any specific stage within the life cycle of the programs and projects the lessons learned in the other stages. This approach is particularly important in the course of preparation of programs and projects co-financed from grants – especially from the funds of the European Union – as their implementation moves along a relatively “fixed track”. Any non-compliance with the regulations disclosed during implementation or even years after closing may lead to the loss of part or all of the grants and they shall be paid back. A basic condition of the fully compliant implementation of the programs and projects  – both at the level of the Managing Authority, the Intermediate Body and the Beneficiary – is the availability of the adequately competent and operating system of institutions.

In harmony with the points above the scope of our services covers the following areas:



Name: Dr. Zsolt Pásztor
Phone: +36 (20) 915 75 28
Email: zsolt.pasztor@eufund.hu

Head office

Phone: +36 (1) 474 87 76
Email: eufund@eufund.hu
Address: 1065 Budapest, Révay utca 10.


Name: Eufund Consultants Kft.
Short name: Eufund Kft.
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